Yundang Lake

2019-04-24 10:04

Yundang Lake was originally called Yundang Port. Historically, the northern shore of the port was flanked by a massive grove of giant bamboo trees known locally as “Yundang”, hence the lake’s current name. Land reclamation in the 1970s turned the port into a 1.7-square-kilometer lake, with a 400,000-square-meter terrace in the middle, called “Bailuzhou”.

The lake has a fascinating nightscape that originated from the erstwhile “Yundang Fishing Lights”. The areas around the lake contain a large number of sightseeing, leisure, recreational, fitness, shopping and catering facilities. Being the geographic center of both the city’s old and new urban districts, the lake is a testimony to the extraordinary changes of the city over the time.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang, Wu Jianhan ]
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