Hulishan Fortress









Located on the south side of Xiamen Island, Hulishan Fortress guards the Chinese shore for over a century now. Built in 1894, during Guangxu reign in the Qing Dynasty, it has always been an important landmark in the island's history, also serving a key role to the country's defense against the Japanese in 1900 and 1937. Parts of the fortress were recently renovated and it was listed in the Guinness World Records in 2000 for its huge 19th century cannon.


Hulishan Fortress consists of a granite castle, which occupies an area of 13.000 square meters, a commanding tower, an ammunition depot, a sentry platform and barracks. A trench surrounds the fortress for protection. A secret tunnel connects the eastern and western emplacement and guards used to cover both its exits. The whole complex covers an area of 70.000 square meters and the structures are built in a combination of Chinese and European architecture indicating the beginning of westernization of China that was taking place at the time of its erection.

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